Performance Enhancing Supplement for Video Gamers?

With the explosion of video game culture that has swept the globe, it was only a matter of time before performance enhancing products designed to provide positive benefits for video gamers hit the market. Mannatech, Incorporated, an innovator in the field of plant and food sourced Glyconutritional supplements, has developed a line of powdered performance enhancing products that have been clinically tested to support critical functions related to gaming such as memory, focus, and attention. The company’s research indicates that the world of gaming may be changing very soon, with players poised to benefit from the positive effects Mannatech’s products offer them.

Mannatech, Inc. has made great strides with their glyconutritional based, powdered Ambrotose supplements, which have been shown in clinical trials to support cognitive functions as they relate to memory, attention and focus, in addition to aiding the body’s immune and digestive functions, encouraging cellular communication, and elevating subject’s sense of general health and well-being. The company has tested a variety of products based on their Glyconutritional research, including Advanced Ambrotose, Ambrotose Complex, and MannaBoom Slimsticks which come packed with plant and food sourced ingredients and offer a fast-acting immune system boost to users.

Mannatech’s Ambrotose powdered supplements have been demonstrated in a multitude of human clinical trials to positively influence performance factors in the brain that are critical to gamers, including focus, attention and memory. In seventeen clinical studies, twelve of which were placebo controlled and double-blind trials, the Ambrotose supplements were shown to make game playing more enjoyable for participants, as well as providing a competitive advantage for test subjects who received the supplement.

Dr. Rolando Maddela, Director of Clinical Research and Scientific Affairs at Mannatech, commented on the beneficial effects of Ambrotose supplements, stating “We have found in previous studies that Ambrotose powder may give a helpful boost in memory, focus and attention as well as having perceived beneficial changes in well-being.” Just four grams of Advanced Ambrotose powder taken per day has been shown to increase the performance of gamers. “For some involved in video games, Ambrotose products may give the competitive advantage they are looking for,” says Maddela.

The clinical human trials of Mannatech’s Ambrotose supplements indicate that gamers may be in for a substantial performance boost when using these products as directed. Mannatech’s line of powdered Ambrotose supplements offer support of key cognitive functions and health benefits for gamers looking to take it to the next level.